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Here we will see how to sign in Xbox Live Rewards to redeem the points you earn during playing the Xbox game. It is so convenient and easy to sign in if you have a Microsoft account, Windows Live Id. If you are a good player of online games and can score the best, do you get any reward for that? No. This is what you do for your fun only. But if you get rewards for the top score you made in a game then? Yes, with Xbox Live Rewards, this is possible. Xbox One Games and their reward was a Microsoft program designed to give players incentives to play games.

XBox One Games

This program was started in February 2007. It was started with “Old Spice Experience Challenge”. The program has got weaker since then. Now it’s generating a “page not found” error when visiting primary URL.

Requirement of being Xbox Live Reward participant

  • In order to register with this program, the participant had to live in the USA or the UK.
  • The participant should be 13 years old at least.
  • The participant should have access to an Xbox 360 and have a valid Windows Live Id with an Xbox Live game card linked to it.

If you are eligible for above all requirements then you can register for this challenge. Now have a look at below steps for Xbox Live Reward Sign In.

How to Sign in Xbox Live Reward?

  1. All you need to do first is to open URL in your favorite browser.
  2. Choose the sign in option on the home page.
  3. It will take you to the sign in page where you can sign in by entering your Id and password. For more idea take a look at below image of a sign in page of Xbox.
    Xbox Live Rewards Sign in page
  4. As shown in above image, you required entering your Microsoft account id and password to sign in. It means if you have already Microsoft Account then using that Id, you can sign in Xbox, you do not need to create any new Id for this. Microsoft Id is your email id only which you access for mailing and other purposes.
  5. Once you enter successfully your Microsoft Windows Id and password, you can sign in by click on the button labeled “Sign In” 
  6. If you want to sign in always then you can choose “Keep me signed in” option available there in Sign In box.
  7. If you face any problem to get the sign in your Microsoft account then click on the link “Can’t access your account?”
  8. For the users who don’t have Microsoft Account can also sign up for the new form here only. They can click on the link “Don’t have a Microsoft Account? Sign up now”. It will take to the registration page where you can register by providing some information.

So, it is very user-friendly and easy procedure to sign in Xbox Live Reward. Now we will see what is this?

About Xbox Live Reward and How to Redeem It?

These Rewards are all about you and what you love. Are you an enthusiastic gamer with the ever growing game score then Xbox reward you for what you are. The more you do with Xbox One or Xbox 360, the more you earn. We can say that are loyalty rewards.

This program officially announced by Microsoft Corporation as to Log in Xbox Rewards account you must have an email account with Microsoft compulsory. Once you cross the limit of 5000 credits or more, they will be converted into your country’s local currency and deposited into your Microsoft Account. They also provide Off on Xbox store where you can spend money the way you like, whether on game, movie, TV show or more!

So, it is so exciting where you get rewards for what you love to do, for what you play! What are you waiting for? If you have Microsoft Account then Join XBox One Games and Live Rewards today only to enjoy exciting Rewards!

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