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Labcorp billing customer service number

The company has more than 220,000 satisfied clients include physician offices, hospitals, managed care organizations and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Here we will see how you can make Labcorp billing or bill payment with www.labcorp.com in detail. For more query contact on Labcorp billing phone number is 800-845-6167.

Health care services are becoming more and more expensive nowadays. Nobody can predict in the present that what is going to be happening in future. It is health; you can face any problem regarding health anytime. Nowadays, to cure most of the disease you need to ask your physician to do some laboratory tests. They are quite costly.

With the intention of help to patients, Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) works. It is a public limited company that providing healthcare services, especially Clinical Laboratory. It was founded in 1978. The head office of the company situated in Burlington, North Carolina, US. They are operating one of the world’s largest clinical laboratory networks. In the US only they have 36 primary clinical laboratories.


Most of the people take medical insurance cover as helping tool at the time of emergency. What is the treatment and laboratory expenses are more than your medical insurance cover? At that time, the company like LabCorp helps you. They also offer discount prices to the patients who don’t have medical insurance. There are many payment options provide by LabCorp billing connected to the health coverage of the patients. It has a complete chart for the patients who have Total Health Insurance Cover or partial cover or no health insurance cover at all. The chart is as,

Now let’s take a look at LabCorp bill payment.

How to pay LabCorp Billing?

For the valuable customers, convenient LabCorp offers online bill payment access. With this facility, you can also make updates to your current billing information. By following below-given steps, you can able to pay bills online.

  1. Go to the home page of www.labcorp.com
  2. On home page select the ‘Pay My Bill’ option.
  3. It will direct you to the online bill payment page where you will ask to provide some detail. 
    online bill payment page
  4. As shown in above image, you will ask to enter Invoice Number and Zip Code to begin the payment process. On LabCorp bill, you will have Invoice Number. 
  5. Please take in your notice that if you have more than one LabCorp bill, you need to enter each bill separately.
  6. In case you don’t have an invoice number, you can contact Customer Service Center by a call on 800-845-6167. You can also fax for any other guidance on LabCorp Toll-free number 866-227-2939

So, it is very easy to start online bill payment by just providing your Invoice Number and Zip Code. Both this information are compulsory to make an online bill payment.

Other methods to pay LabCorp Bill

We have already seen above the online bill payment method of LabCorp that is available to use 24×7, but it is not necessary and possible for every customer to them to use online bill payment mode. There are many other methods you can choose too. They are,

  • LabCorp‘s automated voice response system is one of the payment methods where you can call on Toll-free number 800-845-6167 anytime 24×7. 
  • You can send your payment by mail to the address you have on your LabCorp billing.
  • There are many patient service centers are operated by LabCorp, you can make the bill payment by personally visit that Patient Service Centers.
  • Other payment options like Cash, Money Orders, Personal Cheques and major credit cards are an acceptable mode of LabCorp bill payment. In any of these mentioned methods, you are going to use then do not forget to mention your 8 digit Invoice number.

For the patients who truly need financial help, LabCorp offers the programs like Patient-specific payment plans, LabAccess partnership Program and much more.

After knowing all this about LabCorp billing, we are sure that now you can have a better treatment including all laboratory tests. Don’t miss the chance of being a part of this huge organization which is ready to help you at their best 24×7!

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