What after Diploma in Pharmacy

What after Diploma in Pharmacy?

(1) Introduction:

Pharmacy is associated with healthcare services that concerned with discovery, development, production & distribution of drugs. Here we will discuss on Opportunity of job in pharmacy. This field is provider of healthcare products. There are thousands of manufacturing units of pharmacy in India. Provide plenty of opportunities to job seekers. In India the pharmacy companies produce a most of the portion of drug all over the world. Leading companies invest a large portion of finance in the research & development activities as it become a research hub.

(2) Options available to diploma holders:

After completion of diploma you have two choice either you can go for further study or opt for job.

Further study:

  • After diploma you can take admission in B. Pharm.
  • And after completing bachelor degree you can go for M. Pharm.
  • After M. Pharm. one can join PhD in some specific areas.

Job prospects:

Opportunity of job in this field is lucrative. You can select an area in which you are interested such as activities relating to the discovery, development action, investigation, research, production, packaging, storage or marketing of drugs. In Indian economy pharmacy profession has a large socio economic importance.

(3) Career opportunities in Pharmacy:

Pharmacy is the most growing sector in India. There is a wide range of opportunities in pharmacy sector. A diploma holder can opt for job in drug manufacturing industries, food & drug organization, etc. In today’s world discipline of pharmacy has made lucrative scope as pharmaceutical sciences through the wealth of knowledge, research in drugs.

Day by day the number of nursing homes, hospitals, research centers, & pharmaceutical industries are increased. Thus, it can be said that the scope of this field is growing. You can make a potential career in pharmacy by going through job or start your own business in this world.

A Pharmacy professional can make their careers in manufacturing & production sectors in various areas such as Ayurvedic product, homeopathic, perfumery, surgical dressings, dental medicines, cosmetics, biological, etc.

These are the following sectors in which you can make your career in Pharmacy, as follows:

  • Manufacturing /Production
  • Pharmaceutical Production Management
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research & Development
  • Clinical Research
  • Contract Research Organization
  • Regulatory Affairs & IPR
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Bio-Informatics
  • Medical Transcription
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