Travel Guard Group Insurance Reviews – Complaints

Travel Guard Group Insurance Reviews

Travel Guard Group Insurance Reviews: How nice if we can ensure our holiday trips like our lives. Yes, now you can insure your trips whether domestic or international. Travel Guard Group Insurance make possible for your group to insure holiday trips. My Travel Guard is a North American company who provides travel insurance.

Sometimes such things happen while traveling which we did not even expect. Even experts always suggest Travel Insurance while traveling. This insurance covers medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses acquire while traveling. Before got it you need to check customer reviews.

Travel Guard Group Insurance

Generally, travel insurance is arranged at the time of booking as per the duration of the trip. Yes, there is an option too, where at a time you can insurance many trips by choosing multi trips plan within a decided time frame.

There is a number of plans available where you can a choice of your requirement and convenient. Plans are like package plans, travel medical plans and accident plans. Here we will discuss some of the popular plans here in detail.

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Travel Guard Insurance PACKAGE PLANS

It includes

i) Platinum

This plan is designed for travelers who want all inclusive coverage with maximum limits. This plan includes cancellation of the trip. Also, includes medical and baggage if purchased within 15 days.

ii) Gold (the most popular plan)

This is the most popular plan of Travel Guard as it gives coverage for cancellation of a trip because of common work reasons. The important feature of this plan is it gives cover for children under 17, without any additional cost. It means children under 17 automatically covered who is related to and traveling with already insured. With this plan so many extra coverages are also available like flight guard,’ cancel for any reason’, emergency emigration etc.

iii) Silver

This plan covers trip cancellation. We can say that the plan is excellent for the budget minded. In this plan also the child under 17 covered without any extra cost with the traveler who primary insured. It includes multiple assistance services and some optional coverage.

iv) My Travel Guard

This plan comes with lots of customized options. It almost includes all the types of converging for cancellation, interruption, delays, medical, lost of baggage

v) Savvy Traveler

We can say that the plan is designed for the economy traveler who wants to coverage for common reasons. It includes cancellation, medical, loss of baggage, delays. Like other plans, there is no optional coverage with this plan.

vi) Basic

We can take this plan as a necessary insurance travel protection. Like other plans, it includes all the basic travel coverage for cancellation, medical, loss of baggage, delays, and interruption. This plan is a great option for students and families.

vii) Pack ‘N Go

Travelers who decide travel at last minute and cannot cancel the trip but need coverage, this plan is the best choice for this type of last minute traveler. It includes missed connections, medical, interruption, delays, and baggage.

Viii) Great Outdoor Travel Plan

A traveler who is fond of outdoor activities and sports like fishing, hunting and much more, this plan is ideal for them. It gives special coverage for high sports equipment. Also gives coverage for trip deposits, emergency medical and evacuation.

IX) Business Traveler

As the name of this plan is specify, this plan is designed for the business traveler who travels multiple times throughout the year. This is an annual plan which insurance all the trip of the business traveler of a whole year. It covers emergency medical and evacuation, missed connections of flights and also provides business assistance services.

Above all plans are options for packaged plan. Rather than them, there are many other plans like Medical Evacuations Plan called MedEvec which includes coverage for fast medical care and emergency transportation.

A traveler can take this insurance for an individual or for the family for planned trip or all trips for the year. It provides emergency medical care for injuries and illness during the insured trip. A child below 17 is covered without any extra cost.

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You have also a choice for optional coverage like baggage and adventure activities. One more plan is there called Travel Accident plans which named Flight Guard. This plan entirely focused on Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D). Another specialty plan includes Car Rental Collision is there which provides coverage for cars rented on your trip. You have to choose the coverage limit.

You can quote for the best travel guard group insurance plan by visiting website. You can also compare quote with other companies too there.

So, what are you waiting for? If you planning a holiday trip then insure the trip with Travel Guard Insurance and enjoy safe holidays!

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