Yogurt Land Gift Card Balance: Yogurt Land Franchise Cost

Yogurt Land Gift Card Balance: Yogurt Land Franchise Cost

Yogurt Land Gift Card Balance: Yogurtland is an American International Franchise Chain of Frozen Yogurt Private Restaurants. It was founded in 2006 at California at United States. Their official website is www.yogurt-land.com/theyogurtlandexperience. Its headquarters of it is in Irvine, California at United States. It provides self- serves soft-serves frozen yogurt with active cultures.

It is famous for its frozen yogurt products in the United States. Yogurtland has stores in twenty states in the United States and also several other countries.

The yogurt chain is popular partly due to its self-serve format. It is relatively inexpensive compared to other yogurt businesses such as Pinkberry. It provides services in the United States, Guam, Australia, Singapore, Venezuela, UAE, and Thailand.

Yogurt Franchises is held in more than 300 locations. Yogurtland franchise can expect to pay between $380,000 to $435,000 just to get it up and running. Mr. Phillip Chang established the first Yogurtland location in February 2006 in the college city of Fullerton, California.

Then it has become so popular with yogurt lovers that they now have a place in the countries of Mexico, Venezuela, Australia and Guam. The average visit to Yogurtland will cost a customer between $3 and $6. It is only designed for anyone who loves yogurt and sweepstakes.

Popular Yogurtland Menu Items

  • Strawberry Shortcake Pop
  • Banana Pudding
  • Wild Berry Tart
  • Peanut Nougat with Almond Butter
  • Honey Gelato

Yogurt Land Sweet Treats Sweepstakes

  • Yogurtland only made for all Yogurt Lovers
  • Customers can enter to win tasty prizes including a year of free Yogurtland frozen yogurt
  • Contestants are limited to one entry per day for Sweepstakes
  • During the Life Span of the Yogurt Land Sweet Treats Promotion contestants remain limited

Eligibility for Take Sweepstakes

  • Contestant must be 13 years old or more in age
  • The contestant must be a legal resident of Unite States of America
  • Only one email address is allowed with each contestant

Yogurtland Sweepstakes Prizes for Winners

  • Free Yogurt for a year for the Winner
  • Awarded $500 Yogurtland Gift Card
  • Daily Prizes are also awarded on a weekly basis
  • It will feature lower dollar amount gift cards to Yogurtland. Read more articles on jio university.

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