Target Stores: Money Saving Expert Picks and Tricks

How to Save More Money at Target Store with Expert Picks and Tricks

Save Money at Target: It is a popular chain of discount retail stores in the United States. It is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are over 1800 stores across the nation which includes Target discount store, the hypermarket Super Target, and flexible format stores. Visit the page on target stores.

Target sells clothes, beauty and health products, electronics items, food, furniture, jewelry, toys, sporting goods, gardening tools, office supplies, and much more. Let’s check how to save more money at Target?

Target Stores

Tricks to Save at Target

It is a pleasurable experience to shop at Target. They offer great discounts, deals, sales, coupons, etc on the purchase of various products. There are various tricks that help you save substantially.

1. Check for Target Coupon

Target offers different coupons at different times which offer discounts on various items or from manufacturers. You can check the website before you visit the store.

2. Use the Target App and Target Cartwheel App

The Target Cartwheel is a social coupon program. You can log in to it and choose the coupon you are interested in. You can store the barcode on your phone or print it and carry it with you when you go to the store. The cashier will scan your personal barcode at the register and deduct the savings.

3. Take advantage of price matching

Target offers the product at the lowest price. You can match the price with the price offered at other stores and if you find that it is available at a better price, show the proof within seven days at the Target service desk and present your receipt, you will be offered the product at the lowest price.

4. Check the markdowns

Target has a weekly markdown schedule and it holds clearance sales for particular category items on the specified day of the week. You can check it and take advantage of that.

5. Buy during seasonal clearance

You can save considerably if you buy during seasonal clearance. You can buy items for the season next year. You can get discounts such as 50% off after the holiday, 75% off three days after and much more.

6. Shop the End Caps

In every Target store, you will find selves at the end of each aisle where you will find clearance items at unbelievable discounts. Walk to the end caps and you will get stuff at a much-reduced price.

7. Check your receipts for coupons

Target offers coupons on the purchase of a certain amount of products. You will find it with your receipts. You make sure that you check your receipt for such coupons and use it.

8. Combine Coupons

Many times you can combine coupons such as manufacturer coupons and sale coupons or discount coupons. Combining such coupons will save you a lot.

9. Use Coupons on Trial-size Merchandise

When new products are introduced, you get products that have no size restriction at a nominal price or for free. You can find such coupons in the newspaper, cut them and take them to the store. At Target, you will find such products in the trial section for free or for a few cents.

10. Look for a daily deal

The store offers fantastic deals every day. You can find such deals at Such deals are usually for a day and you also get free shipping.

11. Use Target Registries

If you make a Target registry, you will get the remaining items at a discounted price once the specified period for the registry is over.

12. Look for the ‘buy and get a gift card’ deals

Target offers free gift cards with certain purchases in the store. You can buy those products if you really need them and get the gift cards that you can use for your next purchase.
Use tricks and make shopping at Target fun along with great savings! Read more articles on jio university.

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