Sports Authority Feedback Survey

Sports Authority Feedback Survey

Sports Authority Survey

Sports players, fans and authorities shop sporting goods, athletic apparel, athletic footwear and home fitness equipment and they all like to buy it from standard trusted provider.

Sports Authority is one such sporting goods and equipment store trusted by many. If you have visited at a Sports Authority store recently and made a purchase from it then it would like to share your shopping experience with them.

The Sports Authority has launched a survey and you can participate in it so it can help them improve on their products. It is very simple to participate in the survey and the survey questions are very easy to answer.

On successful completion of the survey, you will receive a coupon of ten dollars that you can use at the Sports Authority store on your future purchase of 50 dollars or more.

What Is Sports Authority Feedback Survey?

Sports Authority is an American chain of retail stores providing sporting goods. There are 450 stores in 45 states across the United States of America and it sells sporting goods, athletic apparel, and footwear and home fitness equipment.

It provides high quality goods and always works towards improving their products and for that to get candid feedback from customers, it designs and conducts survey from time to time.

Sports Authority provides best service also and the products from it are very reliable and popular everywhere.

How Do You Participate In Sports Authority Feedback Survey?

 Requirements

1. You must have a computer with an access to the internet.

2. You must have made a purchase at a Sports Authority location recently and have the receipt of your purchase with you.

3. You need to print out your ten dollar coupon after you complete the survey.

 Step-By-Step Guide

1. Visit the Sports Authority Feedback Survey website at

2. Select the language you would like to take for the survey, English or Spanish.

3. Enter the survey invitation number that is printed on your sales receipt from your last time purchase at a Sports Authority location. You will find the number printed at the top of the receipts as indicated in the diagram on the web page.

4. Enter the time you made your purchase which is also printed on your receipt at the bottom.

5. Answer the survey questions.

6. Print out your ten dollar coupon and save money on your next purchase from shopping at Sport Authority!