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Sony Card

Sony Playstation Rewards and Credit Card

Here we will discuss on Sony Card, SonyRewards Login, Playstation Credit Card and Playstation Rewards. Thinking of buying Consumer Electronic products like TV, Refrigerator, Play Station or any other thing then first we will think about the brand. Of course, you will have to get ready to pay more than ordinary products, but when you are paying more than a brand of the product matters. Maybe the first brand will come in your mind is SONY.

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational company which was founded in 1946. The founders of this huge corporation are Massaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Company headquarter is situated in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The company is providing services worldwide.  You will find SONY products in Consumer Electronics, Semiconductors, Video Games, Media/Entertainment, Computer Hardware and Telecom Equipment.

They also provide their services for financial services, Insurance sector, Banking, Credit Finance, and Advertising Agency. More than 1, 40,900 employees are working with Sony Corporation to give their best to their valuable consumers. This group has many subsidiaries companies and this corporation is an electronic business unit of the group. Sony is the world’s third largest television manufacturer.


We always thank our customer for our business that plays the main role to give success in any business. Sony thinks that the credit of its success goes to support the customers only and to say Thank you, it set up Rewards program where you can earn points after enrolled in and then redeem the rewards. By Sony Card or this reward program, Sony customers can win the rewards. To become a member of this reward program, you need to Login first. Now we will discuss how to log in Sony Rewards?

About SONY Rewards & Sony Card

How nice it sounds that you can earn points and can win rewards by doing what you love. The Sony Rewards program connects you to all things Sony. You can earn points by doing the activities which you already love to do like, going to movies, downloading music or purchasing Sony products. You can earn points by doing all these and can win rewards by redeeming the points. It also gives you insider access to the latest content from the Sony universe and lets you share your experience with your friends too.

All you need to do first is to join Sony Rewards program. For that, you can choose an option ‘Join Now’ on the official website of the company. For a detailed idea about Playstation Credit Card and Playstation Rewards, see the below steps to Login Sony Reward Program.

How to Login SONY Rewards?

Once you join Sony Rewards Program, you can easily login your account to redeem the earned points and win the reward. For that, you need to follow some steps to Login. Below are the steps for the same:

  1. Visit the official website, where you will find the separate section for Sony Reward Program with the symbol like,
    Sony Reward Program
  2. Go on the Reward Program page. If you are already a Reward Program member then all you need to do is to Login your account to redeem the points you have earned. 
  3. The login page is look alike,
    Sony Rewards login
  4. Above is the snapshot of Sony Rewards Login where you will ask to enter your email id and password. If you want to remember your email and password then you can check right mark in the box next to the ‘Remember Me’ option there.
  5. All done, once you have successfully entered the email and password press, ‘Submit’ button shows there on the Login page. There you are. You are ready to browse, earn and redeem the points and win the Sony Rewards.
  6. Don’t worry if you forgot your password, there is a link available on the login page that is ‘What’s my password again?’ it will help you to retrieve the password.
  7. If you have not joined Sony Rewards Program yet then, you can click on ‘Join Now’. It will take you to the registration page where you need to provide some information. Once you did registration successfully, you can also Login Sony Rewards by providing Email and Password.

How easy and simple to join and Login Sony Rewards by flowing few steps only. Now take a look at rewards you can win at this Program. Below are some rewards that you can win. They can be,

  • The little things like CDs, Blu-Ray Discs, DVDs, and Play Stations Games.
  • The bigger thing to like TVs, Bloggie cameras, and Blu-Ray Disc Players.
  • You can get Sony music at lower prices and then at awesome prices. The more you download, the lower your price.
  • You can win hard to find items like signed movie posters.
  • You can win free shipping on most catalog items.

All above are just some examples of many rewards offer by SONY. So, what you are waiting for? Join today Sony Reward Program and start earning points to win wonderful rewards! You also can visit for applying for Sony Card.

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