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Progressive Com Plugin: How much money can I save with Progressive Snapshot

Driving safely is among the most cost-effective methods to save money on car insurance, even given the fact that you don’t instantly observe its effects.

Now, newly emerging technologies allow car insurance companies to offer drivers a chance to mechanically influence their monthly premiums.

If your car insurance policy is with Progressive, Progressive Snapshot can be relevant.

The program assesses your driving behavior as well as the frequency with which you do it to generate a discount price. You can save on car insurance in many states by completing the Progressive Snapshot program.

What is Progressive Snapshot?

Progressive Snapshot tracks driver behaviors and frequency to determine personalized insurance costs. The utilization of an app on a mobile phone or a small plug-in device allows this program to analyze a driver’s driving habits. It can identify unsafe practices such as speeding or talking on the phone while driving.

Signing up for Snapshot if you are a new Progressive policyholder is free and you can earn an immediate $47 revenue discount just for signing up if you live anywhere in the U.S., excluding Hawaii and New York.

Only California and North Carolina left the United States, but it still has the program and is usable in some states via the app.

If you participate in the Progressive Snapshot program and are a safe driver, you might be credited a reduction when you complete the program, and your policy will be renewed with Progressive.

This is typically after six or 12 months, which is the length of time of a typical auto insurance policy. You might be able to save up to $146 by taking part in the Snapshot program.

On the other hand, the opposite could also be true. If Progressive’s driving data suggests that you might be at a greater insurance risk, your organization is likely to raise your premium. Progressive notes that about 20% of its Snapshot customers see this effect.

How do I install Progressive Snapshot?

For most cars, installation is very easy. To utilize the plug-in Snapshot device, your car will need to be the model year 1996 or newer.

If you choose to use the mobile application, all you have to do is download and then install it on your phone.

From there, the app will automatically remain running in the background as long as your device is on and in service, and you will merely have to press a pause or restart button if you need to switch it off.

The plug-in gizmo is attached straight to your automobile’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-II) port, which is usually located somewhere below the dashboard. Progressive provides detailed instructions on locating and inserting the port in your car.

Once it’s plugged in, you leave it in place for the duration of the information-gathering part, and then remove it at the end to send it back to Progressive. They will utilize your Driving Score to evaluate your policy rates at Progressive.

Progressive Snapshot Discounts

Progressive policyholders who sign up for Snapshot have access to additional discounts under the Snapshot program. A few of the featured discounts include:

  • Snapshot Safe Driver Discount: Drivers can save up to $146 on average annually by registering for Snapshot.
  • Limit hard brakes and accelerations: By avoiding stepping on the gas and slamming on the brakes, you can earn a discount.
  • Avoiding late-night driving can generate more savings.
  • Drive less: By driving lower miles or carpooling you can save more.
  • Stay off your mobile phone: By avoiding phone calls and texting behind the wheel, you can qualify for additional savings.

Is Progressive Snapshot worth it?

While other insurance tracking programs require extended monitoring, Snapshot monitors your driving behaviors in one policy period and sets your new rate.

Progressive Snapshot consumer reviews indicate that users are typically satisfied with the program. Keeping a fast, safe driving style all year round can help you save thousands of dollars per year on car insurance.

What Does Snapshot Record?

Through the plug-in device and the app, Snapshot records several data items. This data is transmitted back to Progressive and used to determine discounts or increases in your rates.

The telematics device that Progressive uses for the Snapshot program collect the following data:

  • Braking: The system looks for instances of hard braking (braking/stopping suddenly or quickly).
  • Acceleration: The device records instances of quick acceleration.
  • Time of day: The device records when you drive, specifically the time of day that you’re on the road.
  • Mileage: The device records the length of each trip to accurately determine how many miles you regularly drive.
  • Trip frequency: How often you drive your car will also be recorded.
  • Location: The device includes a GPS to locate your vehicle.

In addition to these basics, the mobile app records even more information, including a map of your trips.

On that map, the locations where things like hard braking occurred are highlighted, as well as when and where you used your phone.

How Is The Information Used?

Of the information gathered, only hard-braking, acceleration, time of day, trip frequency, and mileage are used to calculate your final insurance rates.

Location information regarding where you drive your car is recorded, but it’s used only for internal research purposes. This information has no bearing on your rates.

How information is used, and what information is used, can vary from state to state. Again, it’s vital to read the fine print for your state before you sign up for this program.

As mentioned above, Progressive can use the information in most states to discount or increase your rates.

When Do I Return The Device?

If you are enrolled in a Snapshot program that does not include ongoing participation, you’ll get an email when it’s time to unplug and return the device.

If you are enrolled in a Snapshot program that does include ongoing participation, there’s no need to return the device unless you choose to opt out of the program. If you do choose to opt out, you’ll get an email reminding you to return the device.

Bottom Lines For Progressive

Enrolling in Progressive Snapshot has the potential to save you an average of about 10-15 percent on your car insurance rates. At the very least, it will get you an initial discount on your first policy term.

Anyone thinking of trying out the program, however, should be aware that it is not risk-free, and 20 percent of the time, the result is a rate increase.

It’s up to the individual to decide whether they feel confident enough in their driving skills and habits to avoid that risk and plan accordingly.

For those seeking more than just auto insurance, Progressive offers coverage for a wide range of commercial and personal vehicles, as well as umbrella insurance.

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