Masters in School Counseling Online

Masters in School Counseling Texas Online

Masters in School Counseling Texas Online

Masters in School Counseling Texas Online: Often pursuing an on-campus graduate program in School Counseling can be difficult to match up with the professional and family commitments of several candidates of very high merits and excellent academic backgrounds.

The online Master of Education degree in school counseling can make your portfolio credential worthy in every respect for bright career opportunities in the future. Herein is the list of the top 5 accredited universities offering an online master of education in school counseling programs. You can also check the top 5 online universities in Texas and Florida.

1. American Public University Online Master of Education in School Counseling

The hybrid online cum in-campus program for Master of Education in School Counseling, at American Public University System (APUS), is designed for students who can complete a part of the education online alongside fieldwork training.

The tuition fees for this 48 credit hours degree program are about $15,600 (additional costs may apply). The University also offers licensure programs in school counseling to help the students obtain licenses without any problem.

2. Our Lady of the Lake University Master of Education in School Counseling

There are 48 credit hours to complete in this master degree program including coursework in child psychology development, ethical and multicultural issues, etc. The students are also trained for licensure examinations through the e-learning course duration. The tuition fee is $775/credit hour.

3. Salem College Master of Education in School Counseling

Salem College, located in Winston Salem, NC, offers a hybrid online master’s degree in Education in School Counseling program comprising 48 credit hours and 2 in-campus weekend seminars apart from online coursework, projects, etc. After the completion of this 36 months research-driven certification program, the candidates can apply for a license for practicing as a School Counselor.

4. Adams State University Masters of Arts in Counseling: School Counseling

This CACREP accredited online degree program comprising 60 credit hours is also another hybrid learning program inclusive of on-campus 2 summer sessions (one-week duration each summer session) for integration with other learners and the faculty members in Alamosa, CA. The coursework also requires the students to work in cohorts starting at the fall, spring, and summer sessions every year.

5. Liberty University Master of Arts in Professional Counseling

This licensure-based master’s degree in counseling is also inclusive of 60 credit hours, and three sessions of on-campus intensives at Lynchburg, VA (one week/per session). The fee for this program is $520/credit hour.

Key Considerations before joining the Online Master of Education Program in School Counseling


Before enrolling your candidature for any degree program at any US University for on-campus or online training takes note of the accreditation status. The accreditation institution must have recognition from the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the US Department of Education.

The majority of the popular Universities offering top-notch education are accredited by national or one of the 6 regional accrediting bodies in the US.

Licensure or Non-Licensing Degree Program:

While looking for graduate degrees at various Universities, check whether they are suitable for applying for licensure or just non-licensing programs. In order to practice as a professional school counselor in your home state or somewhere else, it is necessary to apply for a license post completion of your graduate degree.

The courses in your degree program are the prime determinants of whether you are suitable for receiving a license or not.

Mode of Training- Online/ Hybrid:

Apart from working on projects, and assignments in your coursework, it is extremely important to develop interpersonal skill sets for a career move in school counseling. Very few online degree programs integrate special campus sessions for grooming the candidates for interpersonal skills development. Some additional costs may apply for the on-campus training sessions including lodging, food, and related facilities.

Credit Hours:

In general, the students must complete around 60 credit hours during the Master of Education in School Counseling program. However, if you are taking a course program with fewer credit hours, you may additionally include transfer credits permissible if attended any approved accredited institute in past. Read more articles on jio university.

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The online Master of education degree in school counseling can make your portfolio credential worthy in every respect for bright career opportunities in future. Herein is the list of top 5 accredited universities.