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Lion Air Agent

Lion Air Agent: Here we will see how one can book Lion air ticket online booking, how to get Harga promo code, how to access lion air agent portal and as well as hotel bookings with their online facility. If you are planning to go somewhere by flight then you first need to check the availability of Air ticket bookings, right?

As nowadays most of the people prefer to go first to the travel agents. However it is so easy to book flight tickets online. Here we are talking about They serve 60 destinations where 100 domestics and 20 international.

Lion Air Online Booking

Lionair was founded in October 1999 and started operations in June 2000. Headquarters of the company situated in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is Indonesia’s largest airline run privately. It holds the largest share of the domestic market. It files cities within Indonesia as well as Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

Lion Air Online Flight Ticket Booking and Harga Promo

It is as very easy to book online tickets with Lion Air. As company provides a number of services to their customers for booking online, air ticket booking is one of them. The user needs to follow below steps.

  1. Open the official website in your favorite browser.
  2. Before you book a flight, you need to search the flight first for the dates you decide to journey. For that, you can select the “search for flights” option from the Menu on the Home page. Tiket Online Booking Harga
  3. As shown in above image by following 4 simple steps Search, Select, Book, and Confirm, you can book your flight tickets. In the search for flight option you need to enter the details of your journey dates, passenger details that include how many adult and how many child passengers are going to travel.
  4. After providing all these details, click on the button labeled “Search”. It will give you all available flights option for your given dates and total fare as well. Selection of flight will take you to the booking page which looks alike,
  5. Select the best and convenient option for you. Look at below image for more idea,
    Access Lion Air Agent Portal
  6. As shown in above image of booking page of Lion Air, you can choose any of the options as per your requirement either return journey or one-way journey.
  7. If your dates of the journey are fixed then you can choice fixed dates option otherwise flexible option is there.
  8. Then choose the destination you want to book the flight for along with a date of journey.
  9. If you have choice return option before then you will ask to give details of your return journey dates.
  10. After providing details of place and dates, come below for specification of passengers who going to travel. There you need to mention how many adults and children going to travel on this booking. You also give detail about any child going to journey with you or not if yes then either c child is younger than 2 years old or child’s age between 2 to 12. You can choose the options Infant and Child accordingly.
  11. After entering all details, click on the book which will direct you to the confirmation page.
  12. Complete all formalities of payments like as mentioned in above image.
  13. Press on “Continue” to book the flight successfully

So, as you see flight booking is so easily can do with Lion Air. Same way you can book Hotels also with them. It provides service of Hotel Booking as well. You can also retrieve your bookings with “Retrieve Bookings” option of their website where you can check and view the status of your reservation. For that, you need to provide some details like booking reference, first name, last name and flight date.

So, with Lion Air Flight Search, Flight Booking, Hotel Booking and more so easy! Read more articles on jio university.

Have a Happy Journey!

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