GoTranscript Login – How Do I Become a Transcriber?

What is Transcriber?

GoTranscript Login: Transcriber is a tool for assisting the manual remarks of speech signal. It provides a User friendly Graphical User Interface for Segmenting long Duration Speech recording & transcribing them. Transcriber is also labeling speech turns, topic changes and acoustic conditions.

What is Transcriber?

Why Transcribers Used?

Transcription is a business service. It is basically based on Speech to Text Process. It converts Speech or live or Recordings into a written or Electronics Text Documents. These Transcription Services are provided for Business, Legal or Medical Purposes. Here we will discuss on GoTranscript Login steps.

What is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript is formally known as SpeechtoText. It is simply an online-only transcription and translation company. It is a transcription company which was founded in the year 2005 in Edinburgh (UK). They are a transcription and translation company boasting of high-end clients such as BBC, Netflix, Bose and more. Employed, unemployed or even students looking for a summer job can apply on GoTranscript for job purpose & be part of their growing professional transcriptionists/transcribers team.

Types of Transcribers & Their Works:

1. General Transcription

Transcribing is just a fancy term for typing what’s been recorded. A transcriptionist listens to the audio recording and transcribes or types the dictation using a word processing program. They are used in the media world day for transcribing interviews, public speeches or political debates.

2. Legal Transcription

Legal transcription is the process of transcribing any kind of legal proceeding from the spoken word document or printed format. Generally, during courtroom proceedings, legal transcription licenses are conducted by journalists who are referred to as stenographers. They are used in criminal and justice processes

3. Medical Transcription

Medical transcription (MT) is the manual processing of voice reports dictated by physicians and other healthcare professionals into text format. It is useful in the medical sphere. They are referred as healthcare documentation specialists, listen to voice recordings that physicians and other healthcare workers make and convert them into written reports. They also may review and edit medical documents created using speech recognition technology

4. Verbatim, Edited, and Intelligent Transcription:

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription is also known as clean transcripts. It is a popular style of transcription that represents recorded speech into text while editing out the fillers and repetitions that may distract from getting at the content of the interview.

How Do I Become a Transcriber?

  • Go to Apply to GoTranscript at Here: 
  • Create a new account/register there by providing your email address and password. 
  • After login click the “APPLY BUTTON” to begin with the transcription test.
  • Read all guidelines & rules carefully before apply for the transcription test.
  • After completed your transcription test submit it.
  • Your result will be displayed within 10 days by GoTranscript team.