Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs of the Future

Highest Paying Jobs in the Next 10 Years

Highest Paying Jobs in the Next 10 Years: To make a career in the field of interest and to earn considerably good is a dream for most people. It is not easy to find the right job in a time of economic slowdown. There are some fields where the recession of tough times doesn’t affect much. You have to know which jobs are in high demand and also highly paid.

Highest Paying Jobs in the Next 10 Years

Life expectancy has improved and the average US life is above. People are also becoming more health conscious and as such the medical needs are also more. And so there is a considerably large requirement of health care professionals. As per the review, six out of the ten high paying jobs are in the medical field.

You need to have right qualifications to get the job in the medical field. There are various types of health professional required in the medical and para medical fields such as general practiceners and specialist doctors, radiologist, physiotherapist, sonographers, biomedical engineers, pharmacist, nurses and many more.

Usually, it requires master’s degree or an associate’s degree.

Following mentioned are some of the best-paying jobs of the future.

1. Biomedical Engineers

Highest Paying Jobs in the Next 10 Years

Biomedical engineering involves the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences for biomedical equipment. Biomedical engineering has found its applications in hospitals, health care facilities, rehabilitation units, research and manufacturing organizations.

Biomedical engineering is a very challenging and developing filed and hold very good future prospectus. Biomedical engineers’ work includes various fields such as medical imaging, image processing, bioinformatics, bio-mechanics, bio-engineering, 3-D modelling etc.

They have to work with the machines such as medical devices, bio-compatible prostheses, diagnostic devices, imaging equipment such as MRIs and EEGs etc. They also design artificial organs. A great deal of technical knowledge of electronics, information technology, mechanical engineering, life sciences that includes biology, molecular biology etc.

Biomedical engineers earn more than $80,000; with top professionals get more than $120,000. The number of biomedical engineer’s job is predicted to rise by 62%. Biomedical engineers work contributes towards maintaining healthy and active lifestyle.

2. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

diagnostic medical sonographers job description

Medical sonographers play very significant role in non-invasive diagnostics. Sonography is an imaging procedure by using uses non-ionizing, high frequency sound waves and is opted by many patients. The duties of diagnostic medical sonographers include explain the patients for examination, perform the procedure and prepare the reports of findings. Medical sonographers either work in a hospital setting or can have their own sonography center.

To get the job of a medical sonographer, it requires a 4-year bachelor’s degree or a 2-year associate’s degree. There are also some certificate programs offered, but generally not accredited. Medical sonographers also need a great skill to read images accurately as well as to explain technical procedures in a clear way.

It is projected that the job of the medical sonographer to be increased by 44% and almost 23,400 jobs will be created by 2020. Earning is also good in this profession and they earn salary above $65,000 per annum. The top 10% earns up-to $ 1, 00,000.

3. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists Jobs

The job of a market research analyst involves interpreting of data, preparing reports and making recommendations based on the reports. They specially work for industries and forecasts marketing and sales trends. To work as a market research analyst, you should have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.

There is a steep rise in the market research analyst and it is projected that there will be almost 116,600 new jobs in this field by 2020. As a market research analysts and marketing specialists, you can earn more than $60,000, even top and skilled professional can earn more than $100,000.

The work of a research analyst is a responsible and you must have sound understanding of supply and demand and requires a consumer-oriented approach.

4. Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists jobs

Physical therapists are licensed professionals work with people having sustained disabilities, impairments, or limitations in their movements. They are health care professionals who help patients with physical injuries or illness to regain their dysfunctional movement as well as to control pain. They work in private offices, hospitals, clinics etc.

You need to have a postgraduate professional degree, usually a Doctor of Physical Therapy. You also need to get a license to work as a physical therapist.

Physical therapist is one of the fastest-growing professions and it is estimated that the number of jobs is expected to rise by 39% by year 2020. People of all the age need help of physical therapists at one or the other time. Physical therapist make good earning, usually above $75000 and top 10% earning above $107,920.

Choose the career that suits you the best, make good earning and enjoy the work and the comforts in life!

These are the Highest Paying Jobs in the Future for the Next 10 Years – Part II

To help find the right job and provide guidelines, 24/7 Wall St. has identified the jobs which can be considered the best paying jobs of the future. It is estimated that these jobs are likely to increase 60% by 2020. It is also predicted that these jobs will be paid almost twice the national average.

5. Dental Hygienists

Dental Hygienists jobs

Dental hygienists are licensed dental professionals. They are registered with a regulatory body within the country where they practice. They assess oral health of patients, clean teeth, assist the dentist, take and develop dental X – rays. The demand of dental hygienists is rising as more people are becoming health conscious and they understand that oral health is much related to general health.

It is not mandatory for dental hygienists to have a certain degree or work experience. There are some associate degree courses offered. You must have a license to work as dental hygienists.

It is expected that the dental hygienists will rise by 37 %, making it to a requirement of 68,500 by the year 2020. You get decent earnings as a dental hygienist above $ 68,000 per annum.

6. Audiologists

Audiologists jobs

Audiologists help to, diagnose and manage patients who have problems with their hearing, balance and tinnitus problems. They also interpret diagnostic tests to their patients. Audiologists play a clinical role working with patients who are often very young children or elderly people. The job demands patient care as well as academic training.

To practice as an audiologist, you must have a doctor’s degree as well as a state license where you intend to work. It is a very developing field and there is a great surge in the demands of audiologist as life expectancy of the people increasing and aged people suffer more from hearing and other ear problems and need clinical help.

It is projected that requirement of the audiologist will rise by 37% by the year 2020. Audiologist earns median income of $66,660 per annum.

7. Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists

Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists jobs

Medical scientists conduct research work that is aimed at human diseases and methods of preventive care and treatment of the disease. They also work with health departments, industry personnel and physicians in order to develop programs that improve health outcomes. Many a times they conduct clinical trials. Medical scientists often work with federal government, at research organizations.

It requires higher education to work as a medical scientist. Either you have to be a medical degree or Ph.D. The need for medical scientists is predicted to increase by almost 36.4% which makes new 36,400 jobs by number. As a medical scientist, you can earn very good salary. The average median income of a medical scientist is $76,700 at present.

8. Veterinarians

Veterinarians jobs

Veterinarian’s diagnosis and treat sick or injured livestock, pet animals, laboratory animals and other critters. The medical care provided includes surgery, prescribing medication, dressing wounds etc. There is a rise in the pet population as well as in the food supply; there is also a more demand of veterinarians professional.

To practice as a veterinarian, you must have Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. It also requires a state license to practice. It is likely that Veterinary doctor will increase by 35.9%by 2020 making it to 22,000 in number. Veterinarians earn decent income; the median income is $82,040.

9. Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists jobs

Occupational therapists work with diverse people having different needs. Occupational therapists help people with mental, physical or social disabilities, so they can carry out everyday tasks or occupations independently.

Occupational therapists have to work with children and adults of all ages, whose difficulties may have been present since birth, or due to an accident, illness, ageing or lifestyle. They prepare an individual treatment program for each patient.

To work as Occupational therapists, it requires master’s degree. It is estimated that the demand of occupational therapists will rise by 33.5% by 2020 to a number of 36,400 jobs. One can earn good as an Occupational therapist. The median income for Occupational therapists is $72,320.

10. Optometrists

Optometrists jobs

Optometrists specialize in diagnosing problems with the visual system and provide corrective solutions and this way improves patient’s sight. The job of an optometrist include diagnosing eye injuries and diseases and prescribe right medicines, glasses, contact lenses or other corrective eye wear.

Many optometrists prefer to specialize in correcting a particular type of problem.

To practice as an optometrist, you must have a Doctor of Optometry degree and a licensed from the National Boards in Optometry. As the vision problems are occurring more, there is a rise in the demand of Optometrists.

The projected rise in the need of Optometrists is 33% by the year 2020. The median income at present is $94,990 with top 10% professionals earning more than $166,400.

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As per the review, six out of the ten high paying jobs are in the medical field.

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