The 5 Best Accredited Online Colleges

Equal to Campus Education the 5 Best Accredited Online Colleges

The 5 Best Accredited Online Colleges for Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

There are numerous accredited colleges and universities which offer various undergraduate and graduate courses online. Some of the colleges offer courses which impart education at par with on-campus education. And the degrees offered are considered equivalent to the same caliber in comparison to its campus-based counterparts. It is recommended that you take online degree from regional colleges as it makes easier to transfer credits when you go for further education. The online colleges are accredited by the government authorities. According to the several studies undertaken, online learning today is equal to or superior than on-campus education and recruiters are considering online degrees with equal weightage. Popularity of the online schools is rising and more and more students are opting for it. Here we will discuss on top 5 accredited online colleges.

Benefits of Online Colleges and Universities

You get several benefits by taking up online courses in comparison to traditional courses, some of the benefits are:

  • It is flexible and is much suitable to stay-at-home parents or people with full time job who want to pursue education without disturbing their recent career and responsibilities.
  • It is a viable educational option to those who are physically challenged.
  • It offers an opportunity to further learning process. It provides learning opportunities to independent learners.
  • It offers an access to degree programs living far away from the places of learning.
  • You can take online courses concurrently while attending a regular college.

The Best Accredited Online Colleges – Top Rated

University of Florida

University of Florida

University of Florida is a leader in providing online education. It offers degrees at different academic levels which include undergraduate, graduate and doctorates. The university offers same courses and faculty that it offers to its students on campus. There are over 170 certificate and degree courses which are rigorous and well-respected degree programs.

University of Florida is not only one of the elite universities in the US, but much affordable also. Tuition and fees for the University of Florida are the lowest among US public universities and has been ranked as one of the best US based value universities. It is ranked 11th on the list of best online bachelor’s degree program. Several of its faculties are eminent scholars and 43 of the faculties have been elected to the National Academy of sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Institute of Medicine and others. It engages students with lots of research opportunities and its graduate students have achieved record research awards. There is a network of alumni to which online students can get access to.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University is recognized for its innovative and high quality online education across the world. It offers over 140 online degree courses with over 30,000 students enrolled. It is ranked 4 for its online undergraduate programs. It offers courses at much affordable fees and there are 5 ways to pay for online courses; about 70% of its students get financial aid.

Arizona State University

It delivers custom designed courses and degree programs through its eminent and expert faculty who also teach on-campus. It is very dedicated to learning and knowledge delivery to students and ensures that they have consistent experience through digital classrooms.

The university runs bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate and certificate programs in various fields. It provides guidance and support at every stage of the online program, from enrollment to graduation. An online MBA from ASU is a top-rated online degree program which is a cohort-based program and offers close interaction and connections among online classmates. All online degrees offered by ASU regionally accredited from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Boston University

Boston University

Boston University offers reliable online courses for higher education which includes a wide array of online professional certificates, diploma, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. Course is developed and designed by experts and learning modules are provided through online lectures, videos, discussion boards and interactive sessions.

Pennsylvania State University

Boston University is offering online programs since 2002 and has received the Sloan Consortium award for Excellence for Online Education and the US Distance Learning Association award for 21st Century Best Practices to its credit.

Boston University is dedicated to students and follows innovative approach in imparting education to them. They have world-class faculty and the courses help to provide specialized skill to meet the needs of competitive world. BU graduates are ranked high in employability ranking.

St. John’s University

St. John’s University

St. John’s is the world’s largest catholic university which offers few online associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. It is a private school recognized for its academic excellence. It is running online courses for over 10 years. Though the numbers of courses are limited, the quality of the online education programs is far better and it has been included on the list of top accredited online schools.

The quality of the courses offered is similar to its residential courses. The courses are challenging and are taught by expert faculty. The online degrees offered are regionally approved by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The online graduate business and graduate education programs are recognized among the top 35 in US. The online degree programs are guided and supported at every stage from enrollment, financial aid, library resources, career services etc.

Pennsylvania State University – World Campus

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University’s online programs are called Penn State World Campus or ‘Penn State Online’. The university is a leader in online education and has distinguished history in distance and online education. According to US news and World report, Penn State Online is ranked in one of the top 10 online institution offering undergraduate and graduate programs. It offers a wide array of online courses at various academic levels with over 120 online programs which include 18 bachelor’s degrees and 27 master’s degrees with options for further specialization. The online degrees are regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Penn State World Campus online courses are asynchronous and you don’t need to take classes at a specific time. The courses are developed by eminent faculty employing cutting edge technology. The course work laid emphasis on self-study and peer-to-peer interaction. An online network facilitates instructions and guidelines. You have to complete weekly assignments, activities designed and group work which is assigned occasionally to enhance learning process throughout the course. You can interact with other students and have discussions and share experience through chat, email, video conferencing, social media, bulletin board etc.

If you are interested in online degree programs through well accredited higher education schools, you have wide options to choose; there are numerous colleges and universities and a wide array of courses. Choose wisely and enhance your learning, skill and career.

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The 5 Best Accredited Online Colleges
  • The 5 Best Accredited Online Colleges for Undergraduate and Graduate Courses


If you are interested in online degree programs through well accredited higher education schools, you have wide options to choose from top rated accredited online colleges.