Best Online HR - Human Resources Degree Programs

Best Colleges for Human Resources Bachelor Degree in India

Best Colleges for Human Resources Bachelor Degree in India

HR professionals develop advice and implement policies related to the efficient use of personnel within an organization. HR ensures that the organization employs balanced staff in terms of skill and experience as well the employees are provided the right training and development in the organization.

For any organization, Human Resources professional is very important and they add value to the organization. As HR holds a wide range of responsibilities, they need to have the right qualifications, skills, and abilities. The qualification needed for an HR varies according to the size and nature of the company.

In smaller companies, Human Resources need to do all the activities related to HR, whereas, in large companies, they have to be focused on one or more aspects. A degree in Human Resources is desired if you want to work as an HR professional.

Overview of Available Online Degrees in HR

There are various online degree programs offered in HR at the associate, bachelor, master’s, doctorate, and certificate levels. There are various career options offered from a junior position to the senior-most. An associate degree program is a foundation course having general education and human resource topics such as employee compensation, creating advertisements for jobs, issues related to labor, etc.

Bachelor’s degree program includes core subjects and electives in Human Resources. Usually, it includes courses such as organizational development, industrial psychology, labor issues, and relations, business administration, finance, information technology, etc.

A Master’s degree is for a certain specialization in a certain area of human resources. It lands you an advanced position in the field of HR. A doctor’s degree is also awarded in the human resource area such as organizational leadership, management, etc.

Online Associate Degrees in HR

An associate degree in HR takes two years to complete. Students can join it after a high school diploma or GED and must earn 60 credits during the course. It covers all the HR subjects such as resource management, employment law, management, training and development, employee benefits and compensation, organizational behavior, etc. An associate degree will get you an HR assistant job. With experience, you can move to a senior Human Resources position.

Online Bachelor’s degree in HR

It takes four years to complete a bachelor’s degree in HR. To get enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program, you must have a high school diploma with a good GPA or GED. It also requires SAT/ACT score. There are 120 credits to be completed during the degree course. Students are taught core HR subjects which include accounting, finance, business information system, business law, business communication, operation management, etc.

Online Master’s Degrees in HR

Bachelors in Human Resources from an accredited college can opt for a Master’s degree program in HR. It also needs a standardized test score. It takes two years to complete the course and have to complete 30-course work. Students are taught advanced courses in Human Resources which include such as performance management, leadership, labor unions, labor issues, labor laws, etc.

Some of the master’s degree program in HR offers specialization in a particular area such as human capital management and international HR management. Master’s degree holders can get jobs as human resource specialists or as managers in a particular area of HR.

Online Certificate Program in HR

Certificate programs provide advanced training in the particular area of Human Resources. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in HR to take a certificate program. It takes about one year to complete the course and have to take 6-12 courses.

Some of the Accredited Institutes Offering Online Degree Programs in HR

Institute Degree Fee
University of Phoenix Graduate Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

$10,063 – $12400
Kaplan University MS Management – Human Resources $10,105 – $5,975
Amberton University BS in Human Relations and Business

MS in Human resources Training and Development

$5640 – $7050
American Intercontinental University Bachelor’s  Human resource Management  MBA- Human Resource Management $13,675 – $16,138
American Public University System Undergraduate Certificate in Human resource Management $6,400
Amridge University Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management $6,870
Anne Arundel Community College Business management Certificate – Human Resources $11,400
Ashford University BA/Human resource Management

MBA/Human resource Management

MA/Organizational Management

Athens State University Bachelor of Human resource Management

Certificate & Diploma in Optics / Optical Sciences

Baker College Online Master of Business Administration – Human Resource Management $8,100
Belhaven University Human resource Management $19,970
Bellevue University Master’s in Human Resource Management $6,300
Boston University Human Resources Management/Personnel $44,880
Bowling Green State University ADA Training and Certificate Program

Compensation Training and Certificate Program

California Institute of Integral Studies Master’s Degree in Organizational Behavior Studies $17,282

If you are interested in the field of human resources and like to deal with organizational human capital and related aspects, a degree in HR is a must. You can take an online degree from well-accredited college/university and enjoy a challenging career as an HR professional. Read more articles on jio university.

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Best Online HR - Human Resources Degree Programs
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There are various online degree programs offered in HR at associate, bachelors, masters, doctorate and certificate level. There are various career options offered from junior position to the senior most.