Best Accredited Online Physics Degree Course

Best Accredited Online Physics Degree Course: Complete Guide

Best Accredited Online Physics Degree Course

Physics is the branch of science concerned with study of nature of matter and energy and interaction between them.universities offer online degree program in physics.It includes study of mechanics, force, nuclear radiation, optics, sound, light, electricity, magnetism etc.

Many of the technological advances of today owe to the understanding and derivation of theories fundamental forces in nature. Physics is a very vast field and is divided into various branches.

There are various degree programs offered in physics by different colleges and universities and it requires through understanding of fundamentals and practical work is also needed.

Some of the colleges and universities offer online degree program in physics. There are some physics related degree programs also offered in physics such as applied physics, nuclear engineering, radiology etc.

When you choose an online degree program in physics, you have to select a college or university well accredited by national or regional accreditation.

You may get some financial aid too. A degree from good accredited institution also helps you get potential employer after you earn a degree.

Overview of Available Online Degrees in Physics

The study of physics is the most challenging and requires aptitude to understand natural phenomena, sound knowledge of mathematics specifically calculus, hard work and focused study.

Online physics degrees are offered at associate, bachelors, masters, doctorate and certificate level. You can get school instructor or technician’s job by earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree. If you pursue doctorate, you can be researcher, college professor, full-fledged physicist etc.

Associate or bachelor’s degree program in physics includes study of electromagnetism, optics, wave theory, classic and quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, atom structure etc.

Students can also take related courses in astronomy, computer science, advanced mathematics etc. Students are taught various topics in order to prepare them for advanced studies in physics.

All the master’s program in physics and doctoral programs can’t be studied online as some of them require performing experiments in laboratory and need extensive research work too.

Online Associate Degrees in Physics

It takes two years to complete an associate degree program in physics. Students can join for it after high school graduation and must earn 60 credits during the course.

It usually covers general subjects. An associate degree can get you technician’s job in aerospace, engineering work, medical profession etc.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Physics

Online bachelor’s degree in physics is a four year program. It teaches you fundamentals about nature’s laws and principles. It requires a student to complete about 120 credits.

To get admission in a bachelor’s degree in physics, you should have a high school diploma or course work in math and natural sciences during high school education.

Many of the colleges ask for minimum or better score in SAT, ACT or any special exam conducted by the specific institute.

Online Master’s Degrees in Physics

Bachelor’s in physics or in bachelors in natural sciences with advanced mathematics and minimum or more score in GRE is needed to pursue master’s degree in physics.

It takes two years to complete the course and the student has to complete 10 courses and research work. Students choose specialization and the course work covered depends on that. Usually, master’s in physics also requires thesis work.

Students have to pass a comprehensive exam at the end of the course in order to earn master’s degree.

Master’s degree in physics can land you job in research, industry, education, computer hardware developers, software developers, instructor at a high school or community college etc.

Online Certificate Program in Physics

Certificate programs are for professionals or graduates who want to enhance their knowledge of physics. It requires completing four to six course works.

There are some career oriented programs that physics degree graduate can pursue such as medical physicists, nuclear engineers, occupational and health specialists, research physicists etc.

Some of the Accredited Institutes Offering Online Program in Physics

     Institute        Degree        Fee
Western Governors University B. A. Science

M. A. Science Education

University of Florida B. A. in Geology $28,541
Southern New Hampshire University BS in Geosciences $18810 – $26334
Columbia University New York City Master of Science in Applied Physics $49,138
Drexel University Masters in Physics $37,505
Illinois Institute of Technology Certificate in Radiological Physics $40,117
Georgia Institute of Technology 21 Master’s degree program $29,954
Iowa Central College Associate Degree $6585
Arizona University Master’s in Optics/Optical Sciences

Certificate & Diploma in Optics / Optical Sciences

Southern Hampshire University BS in Geosciences $18,180 – $26,334

If you have aptitude to study and understand nature’s laws and you are also good at mathematics specifically algebra, you can pursue a degree in physics. As discussed above, there are many colleges/universities offering online degree. You can take a course that interests you and can have challenging career. Read more articles on jio university.