Online Accounting Degree Programs

8 Universities Offering Free Online Accounting Degree Programs

Best Universities for Free Online Accounting Degree Programs

If you are searching for best universities for free online accounting degree programs, then you are at right place. In the economy, making sound financial decisions is of utmost important and accounting is a significant part of the finance.

Accounting is a part of all the businesses. Whether small or large, every firm, corporation, profit or non-profit organization need to keep accounts, inspect financial documents, calculate tax, analyze data and work etc.

Accountants are required for this. Basically, accountants have to deal with numbers, but with the use of computers and computerized machines, the way accountants work also has changed.

To be an accountant, one needs a degree in accounting. The job of an accountant is very responsible and need to have adequate knowledge of finance and all the related aspects.

A degree in accounting opens a wide arrays of job positions such as CPA (certified public accountant, auditor, certified management accountant, certified fraud examiner, financial assistant etc. The jobs are from junior level to the senior most positions.

Overview of Free Online Accounting Degree Programs

There are many online degrees offered in accounting. Some of the online degree programs are offered for free. The course material is similar to the credit bearing college course.

Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree

An online accounting bachelor’s degree teaches the students fundamentals of accounting, finance and analysis, macroeconomics, business transaction, preparation of financial statements, audit, income tax calculation etc.

This online degree prepares the students to work in all levels from private and public accounting firms. Students have to pass examination for professional certification and this course prepares them for it.

Universities Offering Free Online Degree Programs

Indiana University

Course offered: Accounting and the Business Environment

This course includes basics of financial record keeping for businesses and covers topics such as preparing financial statements, liabilities, preparing budget etc. The course provides classroom video lectures.

Every video lecture is of half an hour to an hour’s duration and can be downloaded. It covers all the aspects and you don’t need any extra text or study material for it.

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

It offers following four courses.

Accounting 101: The Fundamentals : This course teaches fundamentals of how to keep records of basic finances for small business. The course lessons are provided through downloadable audio and video lecturers from Kutztown University’s SmallBizU.

Creating a Profit and Loss Statement: This course is prepared by Kutztown’s Small Business Development Center and covers worksheets and examines calculations as well as single step and multi step format. The course work is offered through audio and video lessons.

Preparing a Balance Sheet: This course covers topics such as liabilities, preparing equity and balance sheets etc. It uses audio and video lessons, worksheets etc.

Preparing a Cash Budget: This online course teaches how to create a budget using accrual method or cash method, examine financial transaction, maintain cash requirement etc.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It offers courses through downloadable PDF lecture note, exam questions and recommendations for textbooks.

Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting Course: It is an undergraduate course and covers fundaments of financial statements. Financial Accounting

Financial and Managerial Accounting: The course teaches fundamentals about financial statements.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

The course offered is:

Acct 615: This course teaches fundamentals of accounting and principles for reducing costs and maximizing profits. The course offers video lectures for cash flow statements, decision making etc.

The Open University

Introduction to the Context of Accounting: It teaches basics of accounting through audio and video lessons.

Influences on Accounting Regulation Course: It covers basics of financial accounting.

Investment Risk: This course teaches about define financial risk and to calculate risk factors.

Portland State University

This university offers following course.

Financial Accounting and Reporting I: This course teaches about examine interrelationship between balance sheets and cash flow, basics of applied accounting procedures etc. The lessons are PowerPoint presentations. It also includes discussion questions, quizzes, homework problems and solutions, project etc.

University of Alaska – Anchorage

The online course offered is

Accounting 201: Principles of Financial Accounting: This course covers principles of accounting. It also includes practice sheets, assignments that emphasize accounting data through easy manner such as learning games, PowerPoint presentations etc.

University of Michigan

The course offered by University of Michigan is

Corporate Finance for Healthcare Administrators: This course is a graduate level corporate finance course. It offers lessons on financing, strategic financial planning, investments etc.

The lessons are provided through downloadable videos, lectures notes, practice worksheets etc. It also recommends textbooks, journal reading etc.

If you have passion for accounting profession and like to deal with finance, than accounting degree is a must. You can take an online accounting degree program.

You can also go for free online degree program in accounting and after through study, appear for certification exam and pass it. Be a part of important financial decisions! Read more articles on jiouniversity.