Affordable and Furnished Apartments near Syracuse University

Top 5 Furnished Apartments near Syracuse University for Students

Affordable and Furnished Apartments near Syracuse University

Best rental apartments near Syracuse University: Are you looking for a furnished apartment nearby to the Syracuse University? Well, this can be the situation for many newly enrolled students from distant places looking for a comfortable accommodation with basic amenities within a budget. Distance to the campus is one of the key issues for many students alongside security, rent, amenities etc. Herein is a list of some of the best furnished apartments near Syracuse University for you to consider the options.

1. Park Point- 417 Comstock Avenue, Syracuse

The Park Point is a premier apartment at the Comstock Avenue nearby to the SU campus ideal for students who want to share rooms with any matching room partner. The fully furnished rooms with comfy bed and mattresses, there is an array of benefits to explore here.


  • Free laundry
  • Cable, internet,
  • Essential Appliances
  • Recreation rooms
  • Fitness center
  • On-site maintenance services available

2. University Hill Apartments

This apartment is an excellent choice for those looking for luxurious living rooms at affordable rates.


  • All utilities included
  • Luxurious furnishes
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Wifi internet access
  • Pet friendly
  • On-site laundry

For more details, contact or call (315) 642-2000.

3. Innovation House- 408 Euclid Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13210

This apartment is just two blocks away from the SU campus having 7 bedrooms with world class furnishes. The place is comfortable and safe for the students getting everything at a reasonable price.


  • Free wifi and broadband internet
  • Electric appliances including dishwasher
  • Remodeled kitchen and bathrooms
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • All utilities available

4. U Point Syracuse- 404 University Avenue

Located at a walking distance of just 4 minutes down the University Avenue, the apartment is available for short-term rent for the University students.


  • Study lounge
  • 24×7 fitness center
  • Free laundry
  • Activity room
  • Dishwasher facilities
  • Garage parking

5. University Village Apartments on Colvin- 315 Small Road, Syracuse, NY, 13210

These apartments are located near the SU and Centro transit bus route with a whole lot of amenities for the students apart from deluxe rooms.


  • Individual bedrooms with locks
  • Wireless internet and free wifi
  • Club house
  • Recreation center
  • Study lounge
  • Free parking
  • Computer labs with free printing

Pre-Inspection is Necessary before You Sign the Lease Agreement

Before you finalize to move into any apartment, it is good to conduct a prior walk-through inspection to check everything for convenience. During the pre-inspection, take note of available amenities, furnishes and everything else so that you know what comes the way when moving in.

During your visit to the apartment, it is important to walk through the entire floor with the property owner. This helps to establish an understanding and take note of any existing damage, major issues, functionality of the appliances etc. Herein is a quick checklist of things to note during the inspection.

  • Any cracks, holes, chipped tiles, wooden flooring in all the rooms, kitchen and bathroom
  • Condition of the furnishings, doors, windows, locks
  • Check the bathroom for every plumbing issues including pipes, leaks, sink, toilet, tubs etc
  • Find out if there is any existing mold, stains or other problems in the any portion of the floor where you are about to stay
  • Monitor all appliances in the rooms and the kitchen for functionality
  • Find out if there are security enhancements such as protective locks, CCTV cameras and other settings

The furnished apartments near Syracuse University in the abovementioned list are the best considerations based on amenities, location and nearest (some at walking distance) to the Syracuse University campus. There are several other apartments nearby the University available in different budget with varying facilities. Do not finalize everything in a hustle, as there are some basic formalities to complete including the lease agreement. Read the agreement carefully before signing.

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