Notre Dame Executive Certificate

Notre Dame Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management

Notre Dame Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management: University of Notre Dame is a private catholic research university located in Notre Dame, Indiana. It is one of the top 25 universities in US. The university was established in the year 1842. It runs various undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

Mendoza College of Business of the Motre Dame University is ranked as the Best Undergraduate Business School. It offers eleven online certificate courses across four disciplines; five certificate courses under leadership and management, three courses under negotiations and Business administration. The certificate courses are usually of six weeks duration.

Notre Dame Certificate in Executive Management

Notre Dame offers executive certificate course in executive management which helps developing better understanding of the organization. The course is designed to prepare managers shoulder responsibilities with a broader perspective and develop leadership.

The certificate program in executive management can help business owners, business partners, executives and senior managers to a great extent and can lead them understand and transform the enterprise and their role as a whole.

The course comprises four modules; each module is spanned for two to three days. It covers topics such as business strategy, marketing, financial strategy, developing leadership skills etc.

The course can be taken with individual modules to attain expertise in specific field if entire course certificate is not needed. If you want to receive the full course certificate than it requires that you take Modules 3 and 4 in the same year. The program teaches you practical things which you can implement to your business and be innovative. You get better perspective to transform your business.

Fees for the Course

Registration fee for this four module program is $5,615 for a member of non-profit organization; additional member from the same organization and attendees from past sponsoring organization have $5,054 per person. The fee is $4,492 for nonprofit organization. If individual models are to be taken, then fee for leadership essentials module1 is $1,420, Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers module 2 is $1,775, leading the Strategic Enterprise module 3 is $1,775 and Applied Leadership Skills: module 4 is $1,420. The course fee includes educational material and supplies as well.

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