Excellent Student financing at www-wellsfargo-com-student

Excellent Student financing at www.wellsfargo.com/student

www.wellsfargo.com/student to sign the self-certification form

Wells Fargo is a diversified financial services company and offers consumer and commercial banking, insurance, wealth management; mortgage etc. It was first founded in 1852. Wellsfargo.com/student provides student loans for college education. In comparison to student loans offered by other banks, the student loans offered at www.wellsfargo.com/student is a different and special as it allows the student the option to skip on repayments until graduation is completed. And as such it keeps the students away from the stress of loan repaymentwhile doing studiesand it helps to concentrate on thestudies.

Following given is a detailed explanation of the type of student loans offered by Wells Fargo.

Undergraduate student loan services

There are three different types of loans offered by Wells Fargo for undergraduate programs – Collegiate Loan, Student loans for parents, Student Loan for Career and Community Colleges. The variable APR ranges from anywhere between 2.93% to 4.79% depending on the type of loan approved.If there is a fixed APR, it will range anywhere from 6.17% to 7.90%.

Except for the student loans for parents,the two other types of loans, it gives a student time to settle with job and it doesn’t requirehim to repay of the loan until 6 months have passed after graduation.

Graduate Students

For graduate students also Wells Fargo has to offer three different types of loans – Wells Fargo Graduate Loan, Collegiate Loan and the Bar Exam Loan. The Wells Fargo Bar exam loan is offered to only aspiring law students who wants to go for the Bar exam.

All these three types of loans are available at the variable rates varying between 2.93% and 7.09% whereas fixed rates varies from 6.17% APR to 9.21% APR. The student has to start repaying this loan after six months from the date of graduation.


Only a citizen of the United States can apply for Wells Fargo student loans.The student must have tobe enrolled in a college approved by Wells Fargo. It usually requires a co-signor who has a good credit history and credit score as well as the student credit history, income and some other factors such as employmentare considered for loan to be processed successfully and approved.

Other resources at the site

To get all the information about the student loan, you can visit at www.wellsfargo.com/student. You will learn about how a loan can be consolidated, how it can be planned for successful repayment of loans and guidelines about managing the money while you are in a school. You can apply for the loan online and if applied check for the loan status online.

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