Become an Online Tutor Canada

Become an Online Tutor Canada – How To Get Provincial Teaching Certificate

How to Become an Online Tutor in Canada?

Online Tutor Jobs Canada: In all the provinces and northern territories of Canada, schooling starts from per-kindergarten to kindergarten and students graduate in grade 12. The public education system follows certain teacher licensure standards. All the K-12 teachers must hold a teaching license. Canada is a bilingual nation and most of the provinces two public education system. A secular system is also known as public system and catholic system.

Generally basic requirements for K-12 teacher is that they must have completed grade 12 and four years of post-secondary education; it must include one year of studies in teacher’s education. There might be little variation in requirement for different provinces. To be a teacher in Canada, one must obtain a teaching license for the province or territory.

In addition to the academic requirements, usually candidates are interviewed to assess their suitability as a teacher. It also requires good command over English or French language and a sincere interest in teaching and enthusiasm. Often candidates for teacher education programs are interviewed to assess their suitability for a career in teaching. If you want to be an online tutor in Canada, requirements are similar.

How to Get Provincial Certificate in Canada

In order to get provincial teaching certificate in Canada, you have to visit certification agency in the province you wish to work for. Following given is the guideline on how to get the provincial teaching certificate.

Provincial Certificate in Canada

You need go to the province’s teacher certification office. You have to submit a completed application form along with photocopy of permanent resident card or work permit. If you are not citizen of Canada, applicants are to provide proof of work permit for Canada and a valid Social Insurance Number. The country is open to teachers from outside Canada, but you must have to become a resident of Canada in order to be eligible to get the teacher’s provincial certificate. Your application will be processed and if you meet their requirements, you are provided provincial teacher certificate.

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